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Otoplasty - Ear surgery

Cosmetic ear surgery in Hungary - Wadin-Med Cosmetic ear surgery in Hungary - Wadin-Med The frequent reasons for ear surgery are distant ears or to if they bend to near to the head. The minimizations of the auricle, partial or total replacement of the ear or other scarce corrections from deformed ears are even more unusual. An operation can only be done after the age of 6 and the most frequent are made in the childhood or in the early youth years and there is no upper age limit. The intervention is easy and causes no serious burden for the patient. The operation is done in a local anaesthesia, because a general anaesthesia isn’t necessary. Before the operation the laboratory tests are important, but you can get them in our clinic. The patient gets the anaesthesia into the auricle that affects immediately, so that he/she isn’t able to feel anything. The essentials of the operation: the changing, deflection of the cartilage, if it is necessary the removal of a little part of the cartilage and the stabilization of the new form through inner stitches. Therefore there must be made a few cm long cut behind the ear, that is closed after the operation and only a light scar is visible afterwards. At the outer auricle there will be no sign visible for an operation, because usually there is no cut needed. On the part where the cut is going to be, it is not needed to cut the hair or shave it. The operation takes in average 1-1 ½ hours long and at the end you will get a dressing around your head, that is on your ears, forehead and on your nape. After the intervention you can leave after a short, for about half an hour relaxation. At home you should also relax for about 2-3 days and afterwards you can do easy works. You should avoid competitive sports and stressful works, because you can sweat beneath your dressing. The first night can bring discomfort, because after the impact of the anaesthesia decreases (3-4 hours after the operation) dull, burning or pulsate pains can occur. In such cases a medicament can help. This kind of pains become with the passing of the days lighter and disappears. On the 6th-9th day the dressing and the stitches are removed. Now the changing is already visible, but the ear is still swollen. You can wash your hair only on the day of the removal of the dressing, but to go swimming to the hair dresser on the dyeing of the hair is only allowed after 2-3 weeks. After the removal of the dressing you need to wear a hair-band to fix the ears. Possible side-effects: Effusion: is very scarce, less than 1% Inflammation: 1 out of 1000 patients get one Thick scar creation: unusual Numbness: happens in 4-5% of the cases, disappears in a few weeks The operation influences the hearing in no way and the bad hearing or other problems with the hearing are no side-effects of the operation!