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WADIN-MED dental centre renders first-class and tailor-made services and attendance of European niveau for all its guests. For prostheses made by us, we can ensure a guarantee of a maximum of 5 years. For the sake of an up-to-par dental care, our highly-qualified dentists work together with conscientious and accomplished dental laboratory technicians. This enables us to offer suitable, precise as well as functionally and aesthetically high-class prostheses for all our clients. WADIN-MED dental clinic helps its customers retain their smile by applying up-to-date technique, and the best dental materials of Western-European standard. In case of complex issues, when elaborate dentures are prepared, you, the dentist and the technician work together to set the criteria of the denture which suits you best -such as tooth form, tooth colour, fixation etc. On account of the adjacent location of the dental laboratory, we can provide you with a solution which is fully tailor-made and remarkably exigent from an aesthetic point of view. We choose the best treatment, and construct the most adequate and unique denture with you. We plan each stage of the treatment beforehand, thus, the end result will be perfect, too! Our dentists work with application of the latest technology and the most modern materials, often using a magnifying glass, too. Prostheses with many years of guarantee Since we are convinced that you will wear our dentures for several years with pleasure, we can ensure a guarantee of 5 years, which exceeds the limitations of legal regulations. For prostheses prepared at WADIN-MED, such as inlays, implants’ prostheses, crowns and bridges, we can ensure a guarantee of 5 years. For implants, we offer a guarantee of 10 years. It is naturally of primary importance that all our clients attend regular check-ups both during and after the guarantee period. To guarantee healthy and unimpaired teeth for a long time, and to check on your denture, we kindly ask you to return for check-ups a minimum of every six month. We also advise you to have a complete mouth-hygiene made every six month! Conditions of the guarantee: For removable and fix prostheses made by Wadin-Med Ltd., beyond the legitimate 24 month-guarantee period, we offer an additional 3-year-guarantee, beginning on the day the prosthesis is given to the patient. Conditions of guarantee requisition: Guaranteed services: The guarantee applies for corrections and replacements of prostheses made by our company. It is the sole discretion of Wadin-Med Ltd. to decide if the prosthesis needs to be repaired or replaced. The guarantee does not apply to such claims as e.g. travel costs, dentist’s royalty, etc. The subject of the guarantee: The subjects of the guarantee are those removable and fix prostheses, which had been handed over by Wadin-Med Ltd. Conditions of the guarantee: The guarantee is effective after handing over of the prosthesis. It is only valid, if our client has paid the prosthesis and can verify this with an invoice. All delivered prostheses must be checked by the dentist a minimum of every six month. Conditions excluding guarantee: The guarantee does not apply in the following circumstances: Damages caused by outer force, or resulting from inappropriate use. If the damage is the result of a repair or alteration which was not done by Wadin-Med Ltd. or a person authorised by Wadin-Med ltd. Likewise, the guarantee does not apply in case of changes of a biological nature e.g. plaque, gum diseases, loss of teeth, or damages caused by excessive use, accident, or other external mechanical interventions. We cannot offer guarantee for teeth that had been root treated –despite the careful root treatment. Guarantee procedure: The work is delivered by the laboratory with issuance of a patient card; the professional quality of the work carried out in our company is therefore easily controllable by the dentist. The patient returns for regular check-ups on the prosthesis minimum every six month.