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Éva K. Budapest: I saw Dr. Krecsányi yesterday, who took off my bandage with incredible tenderness. I think that the callus is surprisingly good. There isn’t any purulent discharge; all that reminds of my breast augmentation from Monday is a thin thread. In the surgery, I got to know the wonderful Klára, who took some photos of me – with all discretion. The doctor gave me some more useful instructions, then, we made an appointment for my next post-care consultation. It’s weird, but I have the same sentiments for him, which I used to have about my gynecologist, who helped my babies to be born. It’s kind of a mixed feeling of gratitude and thankfulness; an ethereal emotion, if I weren’t so inhibited, I would have already fallen upon his neck. István A., Sopron: Dear Wadin-Med Team! I have just had my third monthly post-care control, and the result is fantastic! I cannot believe that my abdomen has become so slinky. Dr. János Görcsi did a perfect job! My colleagues at work, my friends, and most importantly my girlfriend can’t help wondering, they say they have never seen such a flat belly – no fat, no superfluous skin. In the beginning, I was skeptical that you can carry out an abdominal tightening on an overweight man, let alone together with a liposuction. I would like to thank for the whole team, for Dr. János Görcsi and his scrub nurse Mónika for their outstanding help and support. Zsófi Sz., Szombathely: Dear Mónika, dear Dr. Krecsányi! I would like to thank you for the immense efforts you made on occasion of my breast lifting! Dr. Krecsányi – you are not only an excellent physician but a man of a true heart as well – to all of my questions and doubts you gave answers you thought over well, and you devoted enough time for the surgical consultation, too. So, when I was in the operating theatre at last, I knew exactly what was going to happen to me and how I would look like after the operation. The stitches are hardly visible now, and my husband’s appreciative remarks fill me up with positive energy day by day. Thank you very much for the ‘nice tits’! Dear Wadin-Med Plastic Surgery, I would like to say thank you for your utterly kind and professional care. Despite my fairly young age, (38 years old) unfortunately, hair started to appear on my face quite intensely – probably due to hormonal disorder. I was starting to shy away from going among people. I found your plastic surgery by chance, and your colleagues helped me to get rid of this troublesome problem. I would like to thank you that you gave me back my pep. My very best regards to the whole staff, and I wish you further success. Mrs Bertalan Fertőszentmiklós Dear Wadin-Med Kft. This way, I would like to thank you for the fast and excellent dental care I received on 1st February 2009 in your clinic. As I am mighty afraid of dentists, unfortunately, I tend to put off the dates of the treatment. I had a slight toothache from the middle of last week, but I thought it would pass. On Sunday afternoon however, I already had unbearable pains. I did not find any other dental clinic in town which could have received me at that time. Your receptionist was kind enough to promise me that the doctor would wait for me, even though he was already doing overtime. As so he did. I had a first-class dental care and very warm welcome, for which I would like to express my hearty thanks for a second time. Best regards, Hajnalka H. Sopron