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Information about the liposuction (lipoplasty)

The liposuction is a method, appropriate for the removal of the fat tissue under the skin, which was worked out in the 70‘s. The essential of the operation is the following: the plastic surgeon leads a special metal canula under the skin through a few mm wide cut and removes the fat tissue with the aid of a vacuum. It is important to stress that this method is not appropriate for a diet; its result can be measured in centimetres and not in kilogrammes. The constitutional local cellulites can be removed with this intervention. In case of women the fat tissues on the abdomen, hip, thigh, bottom, maybe on knee, in case of men the fat tissues deposited like “floating tyre” can be removed. Only a few know that the number of our fat cells isn’t changed significantly after the birth. So the operation prevents with the removal of the adipose cells that fat is deposited in the drawn off region or regions. It means that the result is final. The operation can be accomplished in local or in general anaesthesia. Before the intervention a laboratory test and an ECG are necessary. In case of the local anaesthesia one or maximum two not too big regions can be operated at once. In case of the general anaesthesia more regions (max. 3-4) can be drawn off, but it does matter how much fat tissue will be drawn off.

How long does the operation take and the regeneration afterwards?

The duration of the operation (only the liposuction) is 15-20 minutes pro region, the intake of the injections into the regions (in case of a local anaesthesia), the disinfectant wash-dawn and the turn takes a few more minutes. After the local anaesthesia and 1-2 hours rest, the patient can go home but only with a companion. After the general anaesthesia the patient has to spend one night in our clinic and generally she/he can go home on the following day, but in this case also with a companion because she/he is not allowed to drive a car on her/his own. After the intervention the patient receives immediately a press band which helps to hold the skin fix and therefore it contributes to the faster healing. This band can be ordered in our clinic before the operation (the appropriate size is very important). In general the patient has to wear the band / dress for 1 to 2 months, for two weeks around the clock and for further 2 to 3 weeks only during the day. The patient is not at all allowed to take the nipping trouser or the corset belt for 4 days off; from the fifth day she/he can take a shower and get it off during this half an hour. After 2-3 days rest at home the patient can already do light physical activities and drive a car as well. It is not recommended to do heavy physical activities like competitive sports, dance, aerobic, gymnastics, etc. for one month after the operation. Later on there are no constrictions in the afterlife.

What kind of concomitant circumstances does the liposuction have?

Pain: in case of the local anaesthesia the numbness causes a little discomfort, but afterward the patient has to take account of a little sensitivity at most. In case of the general anaesthesia there is no pain of course, but after the operation dull aching muscles or burning pain can occur in both cases. Simple painkillers can be helpful. Bloodshot, violet discolouration of the skin: the patient should be prepared for it on the drawn off regions or under them in all cases. In general they will be disappeared after 2 to 3 weeks. Inflammation, swelling: immediately after the liposuction the skin will be loosened, comic crinkly and after a few hours more or less tissue liquid can be formed on the region. Unusually this liquid can reach the quantity of the drawn off fat, but it absorbs within 2-3 weeks. In most cases all this complaints disappear till the patient finally gets off the band. Scars: a few, 4-5 cm long cuts are needed pro region and thin scars will be visible as the results of the cuts. These are hardly noticeable because our plastic surgeons try to hide them as goog as possible.

What kind of side-effects can occur after the liposuction?

Blood shots, effusions: it is very rare that a significant bloodshot occurs on the operated region of the body (1-2%) and the little, light blood shots can be treated with ice. Swelling, inflammation: a significant inflammation is very scarce (0,001 %) Chronic scarring, disorder with the wound healing: the operational scars are very short, a disorder of scarring can occur by those who are susceptive to the formation of keloid. Problems with the skin sense, formication and insensibility: the chance is 3-4 %, the total regeneration can last for one year. Skin loosening and bumpiness: after the liposuction the skin of the region will not be tighter, therefore the intervention is recommended for those whose skin can be withdrawn total due to its elasticity. In other cases an auxiliary operation is recommended to lift the skin on certain regions. The extant bumpiness of the skin and the orange-pell skin can’t be removed with this kind of operation. Keeping / chronic discolouration on the skin: patients, who had had a liposuction, report rarely that the discolouration of the skin on the drawn off region doesn’t appear totally even after a few months. Also in such cases the colour variation is very bright and generally it disappears after a further few months.

Helpful advises after a liposuction:

Chilling: the patient can use an ice bag on the operated region 5-7 times pro day for 15-20 minutes. In case of the swelling on legs and ankles: the patient has to get the nipping trouser off, to lie down on her/his back, to lift up the legs for 15-20 minutes and after that she/he has to get the trouser on again. Shower: the patient can get the nipping trouser or the corset belt for 20-25 minutes during the shower off, but she/he is not allowed to draw off the adhesive tape found on the wound. In case of the skin bumpiness: the patient can use a special massage instrument; she/he can begin the treatment a few weeks after the liposuction.