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Fold filling and lip augmentation Lip augmentation

For the enlargement of thin lips and the smoothing of small and large folds in the face more and more filling materials, which can be given in with simple injections, have been developed in the last years, decades. The common character of these materials is that their application is simple, the exhibition lasts only a few minutes and we can obtain an immediate visible result. Side effects are very rare and an after-treatment is not necessary. The treatment with injection is applicable in the following regions: vertical folds between the eyebrows, horizontal folds of the forehead, crow’s - feet, subtle vertical folds around the lower and upper lips, uplift of the slumped scars, bumpiness of the bridge, lip augmentation and chin. In our plastic surgery the surgeons use for fold filling and lip augmentation the following hyaluron acid materials: Teosyal, Matridex and Esthélis. These filling materials ensure temporary result, their effect last for a few months, after that the treatment has to be repeated. They don’t contain synthetic substances. Teosyal: It is a modern, secure material derived from Switzerland, its main component is hyaluron acid. It ensures an effective and long-standing result. By and by Teosyal dissolves and works off. The treatment can be repeated and corrected frequently. It hasn’t got animal descent therefore the skin test isn’t necessary before the input. Matridex: Its main component is hyaluron acid. Matridex replaces the hyaluronic acid, which is missing in the skin and by this way it returns the tautness and elasticity to the skin. Since the hyaluronic acid, which is contained in Matridex, hasn’t got animal descent, absolutely no danger exists that the patient reacts somehow allergic to the product. Before the exhibition a skin test isn’t necessary. All deep folds in the face can be treated with Matridex. In addition, Matridex is suitable for the lip augmentation as well. Esthélis: It is a hyaluron acid gel applied for fold filling. It has got inartificial descent, it abolishes itself absolutely and is tissue friendly. Therefore the risks of an allergy and side-effects are very little. Esthélis is very flexible, so papules can not be formed. It is up to both the standards of the women and of the men. The material is suitable for the lip augmentation and fold filling as well. Our plastic surgeons don’t use good-wearing, decades-lasting materials (for instance Artecoll, Dermalive, Aquamid and Outline) because by and by the face alters, the folds can be repositioned and the definite materials, which are given in today, would be disadvantageous after more years. The enhanced lips can be very attractive, advantageous in the age of 20-30, but they can appear grotesque, laughable after 20-30 years. From this view the materials drawing in itself are more advantageous, even if they are specific more expensive, because the treatment always adapts to the current state of the face. The above mentioned materials will be injected with a very fine needle under the skin. If the skin surface has to be numbed, this happens 15-30 minutes before the input by a numbness making crème. Thus 60-70 % numbness can be achieved. Also before a lip augmentation numbness can be accomplished. Dependent on the region it can last for 10-40 minutes. The effect begins immediately, except for the lip augmentation in which the effect will be visible only after 1 week and till then small bumpiness can occur on the lips.

Possible side effects:

Allergic reaction (inflammation of the skin, swelling, redness, sensitivity): the chance is 1 to 1000 and disappears in the first 12 to 48 hours after the treatment The formation of small papules on the region of the input occurs only in few cases. The material disbands faster than hoped for, it is dependent on the own body individuality (it occurs rare). The pinprick can cause herpes, if the patient previously had it. Taking aspirin or similar medicaments can cause bleeding and effusion on the point of the input.

We ask you to comply with the following after the treatment:

For two days the treated parts not to touch or press; in case of a lip augmentation you should limit the speech (for instance to give a lecture) and laughing. One day after the treatment you can clean carefully the treated parts, if it is needed you can also clean it with soap and to put on make up is allowed as well. As long as the swelling and the redness don’t disappear totally, it is not allowed to expose the region to high warmth (sunbath, solarium, extreme cold as well). After the lip augmentation not to have cosmetic permanent make-up made for one month at least.

We don’t recommend this treatment in the following cases:

The patient reacts allergic to lidocain. Herpes or skin diseases exist The patient has got a serious allergy. The patient suffers from autoimmune diseases. The patient takes medicaments against blood clotting (Aspirin, Heparin, Sincumar).