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Eyelid correction / Blepharoplasty

Palpebrae correction in Hungary - Wadin Med The skin of the eyelid can flag, be wrinkled and the upper lid starts to hang, little sacks can appear on the lower lid, that make you look older and al this happens when you get older. The essentials of the blepharoplasty: through the out cut the hanging surplus skin will be flattened, or the abolishing of the fat tissue around the eye or the unevenness through the muscle fibre, or correction of stuck out lower lids, caused by the easing of the tissue With the operation it is possible to achieve a very good result that is not going to be forever, because the skin flags after 10-20 years again. In such case the operation can be repeated. Actually the operation is not needed before the age of 35 and there is no limit in the upper ages. It is important to know: for the caltrops, so for the removal of the little folds beside the eyes, such an intervention is not suitable. These you can treat with injections.

The cuts and scars of the operation

While the operation there are cuts made on the skin around the eyes. If it is a correction of the upper eyelid the cut is made in the upper region of the lid, hidden in a natural fold und finally the surplus skin is cut out. By the correction of the lower eyelid the cut is made 1-2mm under the eyelashes. The scars stay visible, but are very thin, so that they are without make up also barely visible. The blepharoplasty on both sides lasts up to three hours. The operation is rarely done in a general anaesthesia, because there is some co-operation with the surgeon needed (i.e. to open/close the eyes, to look up/down). The numbness injection is unpleasant, but is immediately effective and therefore afterwards there is no pain. The wound is sewed with a thin strand and fixed with a thin glue strip. The vision is not disabled through the operation. After a short rest and a cooling of the wound for 40-50 minutes the patient is allowed to go home. After the operation the skin around the eyes can change to a violet colour and can swell. These troubles can disappear after 7-12 days. It is possible that because of the swollenness it is difficult to close the eyes.

Interesting facts about the time after the operation

After the operation you must relax at home, or even better stay in bed for a few days. Instead of watching TV and reading, you should listen to music. From the fourth day on you can also do easy works, but you should avoid the lifting of heavy things and the eating of spiced foods. On the 1.-2. day you can cool the wound (a few times a day for 10-15 min). There shouldn’t be much pain, but in the first two nights you may need a painkiller. Water mustn’t come in contact with the wound for four days after the operation. If there are ichors created you can clean the wound with camomile water. Intense movements, heavy physical works and sports you can do after two weeks. It is not allowed to put make up on the eyelids for two weeks.

Possible side-effects:

Bloodshot, effusion is very scarce. Inflammation: conjunctivitis occurs only in 1-2 % of the cases, it can be treated with camomile water and eye drops. The swelling of the little fat backs is very rare. Chronic scarring is rare. Permanent discolouration of the eyes is also very scarce. Permanent weep and dryness of the eyes (rare) The drawing of the eyes can ooze out the palbebra: it occurs very rare; generally it can be removed with massage. Another operation has to be accomplished more scarce.