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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Why should you choose Hungary for your medical treatments?

The Hungarian physicians are highly-qualified and they dispose over decades of experience. Moreover, the outstanding abilities are associated with the use of most modern technology. In Hungary the entire necessary infrastructures and the high vocational education are insured, with which we can ensure our patients the high-level supply secured in Western Europe, but all this under the conventional price standard.

2. Why Sopron?

Sopron is located at the western border of Hungary, only 60 km from Vienna and 220 km from Budapest. The touristy services of the city are well-developed; its historical city centre is fantastic. The geographical location of the city simplifies you the journey. Both the airport of Vienna - Schwechat, and of Bratislava are of equivalent distant. The objects of interest and the atmosphere of the city make the stay even more pleasant. Also several therapeutic baths are in the proximity.

3. Why the Total Beauty Centre?

We render a comprehensive support to our patients. If you decide to take our services up, we help you gladly with the organisation of your journey and also with the search of a suitable accommodation. But you can stay also overnight in the hotel of the Wabi Beauty Centre or in the Hotel Vadvirág Sopron – Ágfalva. Furthermore you can choose from varied touristy programs in Sopron and its surroundings. Our dentists and plastic surgeons were selected out from whole Hungary, in order to be able to offer to our customers the best supply. We have got a lot of customers from the west - European countries. We use only up-to-date technologies and the best materials, at the same time we offer our services at payable prices. Furthermore we offer to our customers a free transfer from Vienna and Bratislava airport to Sopron.

4. What kind of aesthetic plastic surgical / dental services offers the Total Beauty Centre?

In the plastic surgery: breast augmentation / enlargement, breast reduction, breast lifting, ear correction, eyelid correction, facelift / mini facelift, liposuction, nose correction, fold replenishment, IPL-treatment (skin rejuvenation), laser treatments, mesotherapy, removal from mother mole, wart, callus, age mark etc., tightening of abdomen, double chin tightening, forehead lifting, treatment of varicose veins, Botox injection. In the dental clinic: mouth hygiene, bleaching (with zoom lamp), tooth jewel + sticking, tooth extraction, aesthetic filling, root filling, crowns / bridge, prosthesis, inlays, implants.

5. Why are the prices of the Total Beauty Centre so low?

The prices of the Total Beauty Centre are average Hungarian prices, which are dependent of the currency of the dollar and the euro in relation to our own currency, but of the relative cheapness of Hungary. Furthermore the Hungarian salaries and costs are under the European average.

6. Can I trust the doctors who treat me?

In our beauty centre only work doctors who were selected under very strict requirements. Our customers can read through the CV-s of our doctors and can ask in connection with it. If you would like to have some information about our doctors, please click on “Our plastic surgeons” or “Our dental surgeons”.

7. I can’t speak Hungarian. How can I communicate with my doctor?

Our doctors can speak more languages beside Hungarian (German, French and English). Moreover, the Total Beauty Centre ensures personal assistants for its customers. The assistant speaks the language of the customer and she accompanies the customer to the consultations as well. Probably our patients come in contact with more assistants (for example by the reservation of your accommodation or by the consultation discussion).

8. What if I like to stay longer than my treatment time in Hungary?

The Total Beauty Centre offers also for this situation assistance to you. We help to find you an accommodation, but you can stay also overnight in the hotel of the Wabi Beauty Centre or in the Hotel Vadvirág Sopron - Ágfalva. If you like to experience more from the city, we can also recommend programs for you