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Privacy Statement

Information about our company and website

Nowadays worldwide modern information and communication techniques play a huge role, also in our company. Our headquarter is located in Hungary in Sopron. Our main activities are: dental and plastic surgical services. This data secrecy describes how Wadin Med Ltd. the data which you give us by using our homepage, collects, uses and protects. Company: Wadin Med Ltd. Address: Sopron Plaza, Lackner Kristóf u. 35. Town, Postcode: Sopron, 9400 Country: Hungary Director/Owner: László Vadon Website: Visitor protection by anonymous entering You can use and look around on our website without that you have to give your personal data. Services and contacts of our website Our website is created the way that there is no opportunity to switch information between users and to pass information. Our website doesn’t contain links to third net operating companies. We don’t sell user names and email addresses to other companies that send you advertising without asking. Cookies: We use cookies for statistical purposes only on our website. We don’t collect automatically personal data and we don’t connect single information with other personal data of single persons. Collection of data and purpose We don’t need any information that contains personal information to enter and use any part of our website. If you decide not to give us such data, although we ask for it, then it is possible that we aren’t able to work on your question, to send you the required information, or to get in contact with you. Our register form requires some basic data including contact information (name, address, phone number) in order to work on your question. There is a space in our register form found in which you can enter more data so that you can help us to offer a better service. User data If you visit our website, we record your IP-Address (that means that the internet address of your PC and not your email address) and other general user data to judge the following: which parts of our website you visit, how long you stay there, the sum of the visitors, the average spent time on our website, the visited sites, etc. If you have any further questions to our data secrecy or company politics, you are welcome to ask us under the followings: Contact Company: Wadin Med Ltd. Department: Secretary Address: Hungary, Sopron, 9400 Sopron Plaza, Lackner Kristóf u. 35. Phone number: +36 99 334 662 or +36 99 505 596 Fax: +36 99 505 597 E-mail: URL: