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Oral hygiene

Removal of calculus, Oral hygiene, Dental clinic Hungary The reasons for dental calculus If you don’t clean your teeth regularly, plaque will be created on the surface of your teeth that contains mostly bacteria. The dental calculus will be created if this plaque calcifies. The calculus can be formed under and over the gingival. Coffee, tea, coke and cigarettes can change the colour of your teeth and calculus. The dental calculus can also be the reason of an inflammation under the gingival. While brushing your teeth the gingival can be red, painful and bleeding. This inflammation can spread in your mouth so that the bone can be destroyed and your teeth can become moveable or even fall out. Removal of the dental calculus With this kind of treatment can be plaque, calculus, other tooth deposits and discoloration removed. Before the treatment the mucous membrane will be numbed with lidocain spray. The dentist works with an ultrasonic machine and afterwards he polishes the surface of the teeth. The importance of the polishing is that on even surface plaque can’t stay as good as on rough surface. Tasks after the removal of the dental calculus After the treatment it can happen that in the tooth neck area sensitivity (against warmth, coldness, sweetness or sourness) arises. By the use of a sensitive tooth paste or a fluoride gel this sensitivity can stop within 1-2 weeks. The new formation of the calculus is dependent on the nourishing habits of the patient and the use of appropriate tooth cleaning and mouth care methods. Your dentist clears you up over that which kind of the mouth care is suitable for you.