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Full and partial dentures

Dental artificial dentures, full and partial denture in Hungary

If the patient doesn’t have any own teeth, the full denture can serve as an appropriate solution. If the patient has got own teeth yet but some teeth are missing, a partial denture is recommended. The aim of both types is: the restoration of the bite function and the aesthetic impression. Types and materials of the dentures In both cases the dentures are made of plastic. Porcelain teeth can’t be built into the dentures because their weight would pull the denture downward. In case of the partial dentures there are two opportunities to interlock the removable prosthesis to the own teeth, crowns or bridges. The first one is a metal brace, the second one is a hidden anchorage. The disadvantage of the metal brace is that it is not the best solution from aesthetic viewpoint. The hidden anchorage provides a better solution than the metal brace from an aesthetic viewpoint because the bridge and the removable denture are produced at the same time (combined work). In addition the denture sits more stable in the mouth.

The process of the making

The process of the making of the dentures is similar in both cases: making an imprint of jaw-bones, setting the bite height, a probe with the teeth placed in the wax and after that the dental technician makes the denture. The whole making process considered from the imprint takes 2 weeks long. In case of the combined work it takes 3 weeks long. Side-effects after the treatment The patients as well as the face muscles have to get used to the new denture because in the beginning it can be a strange feeling while talking and chewing. The dentist can correct the following cases: the sensitive gingival is damaged with the denture or during eating two opposite teeth already touch each other before the whole dentures meet. It is very important to clean the dentures after meals and to use denture cleaning tablets in the evening, because bacteria and fungi, which can be accreted easily, are found under the dentures. In addition this can lead to an inflammation. It is recommended to have a new denture made after 8 years at least.


The dental laboratory gives one year guarantee on the dentures. The guarantee doesn’t apply for the provisional dentures because they are only provisional. The prerequisite of the guarantee is: half-yearly control at the dentist.