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Five easy steps

Five simple steps to take up our services

1. Taking up contact with the Total Beauty Centre:

If you are interested in our services, please fill out the contact form or call us under the following phone numbers: +36 99 334 662, +36 99 505 596 and so we can give an appropriate offer to you.

2. Preceding offer

If we received this form, it is passed on to our employees, who take up contact with you then by telephone or email. Our employees give you detailed information over/about the procedure and after they conferred with the treating physician, they will send you our suggestion. Starting from the moment on, from which you look us with your questions up, we will carefully work on answering your questions, putting an end to your possible concerns and provide you with a personal cost plan. Then you get the whole information dispatched by us, so that you can make a good decision for yourself in connection with your treatment. Don’t forget: if you decide to take up our services, we will help you step by step.

3. Payment possibilities:

Our employees inform you about the payment and financing possibilities. You can select under several offers of different banks in the Total Beauty Centre.

4. The preparation of the journey:

If you have decided to use our services, our employee will agree upon a consultation date with the treating physician, which we will then communicate to you. If you need an accommodation, our employees are to you gladly at the disposal to help you thereby as well. Even if you would like to undertake something else (for example visiting baths, trips, city tours, riding, etc.), we help you naturally with the composition and organisation of programs.

5. Help with the arrival and departure:

In case if you come by airplane, we will wait for you at the airport and we will bring you then at no charge to the Total Beauty Centre. If it is after your treatment necessary, we help you with the organisation of your travel and we carry out a free transfer for you to the Vienna or Bratislava airport.